Some less recent paintings by Hamish Moyle...

sow thistles I sow thistles II scabious knapweeds poppies and broken bowl autumn debris the passing day 1989 summer afternoon 1993 autumn late afternoon 1993 shells and feathers harebells in bowl broken bowl late summer jug water lily in bowl water lily in glass I water lily in glass II yellow rose snowdrops picked blue bells after rain I blue bells after rain II fountain snowdrops daffodils daisy chain water lily pink roses road to barnwell road from barnwell holme fen skye road to thurning dunlin cows girl among cows swans I swans II garden arch I garden arch II rose garland jug of feathers I jug of feathers II cows drinking I cows drinking II cobweb and wild oats college gate cambridge sow thistles I sow thistles II scabious knapweed and grasses pond in winter castle arch castle trees and shadows newcastle from the beach in mist seashore I seashore II dundrum jug of flowers wood sorrell from rossglass high tide from blackstaff bridge I high tide from blackstaff bridge II bloody bridge and stream I bloody bridge and stream II midsummers eve dundrum castle binian carrick a rede bridge I carrick a rede bridge II the rainmaker castlewellan the fountain castlewellan dundrum castle garden fence and door castlewellan the channel north door white rose percy french fountain newcastle late summer beach twilight seashore evensong folheringhay bell tower ceiling sliddery ford swans night light churchyard trees gate in snow hermitage courtyard white roses in a bowl robin levens hall topiary I levens hall topiary II galloping horses standing cow poppy heads sweet peas and bread iris and gypsophilia barley field great gidding great gidding church polebrooke church great dixter meadow
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Some less recent paintings

Some less recent portraits

Some less recent commissions


Some more recent paintings

Some more recent works on paper

Some more recent commissions